the lizard

One day a year back, as I was watching tv i noticed a sudden movement in my peripheral vision. Turning towards the movement I found a lizard on the living room wall near the tubelight flicking its tail as if recognizing me. I had no idea how it came into the house with all windows closed. Unwelcome guest that it was, still, I would have left it to stay and feast on the mosquitoes and other flying insects, if it would not greet me each day with neat black droppings with white round tip on one end on the wall. But the said lizard did not give any such assurances and hence I had to get rid of it. I quickly picked up a broom to chase it out of the house, but it was quicker. It ran inside the gap behind the tubelight frame where the bristles of the broom wouldn’t reach. Defeated, I sat back and continued watching the tv.

The next day I found the lizard again on the wall but it was on the wall opposite to where the tubelight is. Not wanting a repeat of previous day, I quickly plugged the tubelight frame’s ends with tissue paper, thus nullifying its safe bunker. Armed with my broom i went about the task of driving it away, from one wall to another to the main door which I had opened and kept. It ran left, I followed it left, then it ran right I ran behind it, chasing it with the broom’s bristles. Sometimes it would sit still as if playing dead and hoping I would leave it alone. But a slight touch of the broom would bring it out of its charade, its bluff being called and run again. Slowly I was able to get it to near the main door whereupon i flicked it with the broom out of the house. It fell with a ‘thup’ sound on the floor and lay motionless as if regaining its breath. Not knowing whether it was dead from the fall, I went out to check. I could see its little heart beating frantically whether out of fear or excitement of the chase I couldn’t make out. Happy that I hadn’t killed it I now proceeded to chase it out of the apartment building itself. I slowly poked at it with the broom. It happened all of a sudden. I had read about it many times but didn’t know the actual thing would be so much shocking making me feel I was cruel and brutal. The lizard from its viewpoint saw me as a threat which was not willing to let go chasing it here and there and not falling for its i-am-dead trick. And having tried all other options, it went for its last option and voluntarily cut off its tail. Puff. One moment it was attached to a lizard, and the next moment it was now detached and wiggling like a dogs tail, only this was tragic. It took a moment for me to gather my thoughts, by then the tailless lizard had vanished from the spot leaving its old tail for me to deal with. I came back home victorious and not happy.

A few days later I was pleasantly surprised to see the lizard back on the wall near the tubelight. I decided to let it stay. The next day I came back from office at night, opened the main door, switched on the lights expecting to see the lizard scampering on the wall to reach a safer height. But there was no lizard to be seen. I could not see it the next day nor the succeeding day. On the fourth morning as I was locking the main door leaving for work I noticed it. The lizard was dead. The lizard must have, being somewhere near the door apparently in a bid to escape from me while i was closing the door, went and hid in the gap between door and frame and got crushed as i closed the door and locked it. It’s mangled body was stuck to the edge of the door and i had to push it out with the broom.

Few months back a new lizard entered the house again via unknown entry points which only lizards must have known and made itself home. It didnt run helter skelter everytime the lights came on as nobody chased it with a broom here and there. It had a safe haven to rest behind the tubelight too. It lived happily munching on mosquitoes other flying insects leaving a trail of droppings everywhere

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